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Type A Baby Ear Medexpro Thermometer RM 90


This is the latest version/model of Medexpro, JT-003 which was released into market at the beginning of this month (Sept. 2013). Ask other sellers what kind of models they are selling. Yes, they are selling old models!

What's the differences between our latest model and other old models?
The detector header of our latest model is made of Copper-Nickel alloy which has the best thermal conductivity  ensuring faster and more accurate temperature measurements. You can clean the detector head with ethanol, isopropanol and other disinfectants after each use. Old models have aluminum detector heads and can not be cleaned with disinfectants. Some people/babies are allergic to aluminum, and experience contact dermatitis, digestive disorders, vomiting or other symptoms upon contact. Some toxicity of aluminum can be traced to deposition in bone and the central nervous system. Search Aluminum wikipedia and read health concerns part.

Measure the temperature of your loved ones in less than one second, faster than other models!

Advantage and Features

1. 7 functions in 1 thermometer (7-in-1)
    This latest version can measure temperatures of 1. Ear(Main Function, 2. Forehead, 3. Ambiance,       4. Milk (baby formula), water and other liquids, 5. It has clock function and 6,7 has 2-color                 showed temperatures (green->normal, red->fever).There are 7 functions in total.

2. Copper-Nickel alloy detector, more accurate and safer

3. CE certified, high quality product.

4. Display screen: Big LCD digital display.

5. Units switching: switches between °C and °F

6. Fast and accurate measurement to obtain correct result instantly (less than one second).

7. Suitable for both infants and adults.

8. It is durable advanced infrared technology, use the probe head without times limitation.

9. Easy cleaning, just use moist cotton to clean the probe.

10. Easy to use, operate with one button.

11. For each use, the latest measured temperature will be shown.

12. White background light, easy to read screen. Great for old people and babies measurement at night

13. A different beep sound will be made when a fever happens.

Elevated body temperature may indicate the immune system is fighting with some kinds of diseases. Monitoring the body temperatures of your loved ones and yourself is important for your family. Take care of your loved ones and yourself is easier now with our latest model thermometer.


Reading Range:  35.0℃-42.0℃(93.2℉-107.6℉)
Ambient temperature scope:  10℃-40.0℃(93.2℉-104.0℉)
Operating conditions: 10.0℃-40.0℃(50.0℉-104.0℉),Rh≤80%
Resolution: ±0.1℃
Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Battery is not included – 2x AAA battery

Accuracy: ±0.2℃(±0.4℉)
Outside this range: Accuracy:±0.3℃(±0.5℉)

How To Use :

1.Press the power button for one second and all symbols will be displayed on the LCD. Then the last temperature measured will be shown on the display screen for 2 seconds. After that, LCD will display"--->" and the buzzer will keep for one time. The product is now ready to take a new measurement, and "°C or °F " will blink on the display.

2.The thermometer will be shut down automatically after 30 seconds if no further operation, which saves battery life.

Please refer the included instruction booklet for detailed operation.

Package Included:

1x  Medexpro Digital Thermometer
1x  Carry Case
1x  English Manual

Type B Digital Thermometer OMRON MC-245 RM 17

Fast actual measurement - 80 sec. for oral, 60 sec. for rectal and 120 sec. for underarm measurement
Accurate measurement- measures actual temperature in °C and °F
Water-resistant for easy cleaning
Memory- Recalls last reading
Buzzer- Beeps when measurement is completed
Actual measurement, display in 0.1 degree increment
Professional accuracy
Digital, no fear of mercury poisoning

Type C Digital Thermometer OMRON MC-270 RM20

60 Sec Measuring Time With Buzzer
Non-Water Proof
Range: 32’C – 42’C, Accuracy : +- 0.1’ C
Auto-Shut Off 10 Min
On/Off Button At LED Screen
Small Font Number Display
Hard Plastic Cover

Jika anda berminat dan ingin mengetahui tentang produk ini dengan lebih lanjut, anda boleh menghubungi nurul (012-5755237)

Penghantaran sekitar Alor Setar, Jitra, dan Perlis sahaja. 
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