Philips Avent Natural Microwave Steriliser is a new simple, fast, portable microwave steriliser. The Microwave Steriliser's compact design makes it ideal for travel. Despite its small size,it is the only microwave steriliser that fits 6 Philips AVENT bottles.
The Philips AVENT Natural Microwave Steriliser uses the hospital method of steam sterilisation. This is a quick, easy and efficient method with no chemicals involved ensuring that your babies milk is bacteria free.

The sterilisation length of the cycle will depend on the wattage of your microwave:
*2 min at 1100-1850 Watt,
*4 min at 850-1000 Watt,
*6 min at 500-850 Watt.

The Microwave Steriliser from Philips Avent has been designed to fit most microwaves on the market.

• Fits most microwaves. Convenient for travel. Large capacity
• Holds 6 Philips AVENT bottlesUltra fast, easy to use
• Just add water, load and place in the microwaveSafe easy handling
• Side grips close the lid securely
• Convenient for you
• Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if unopened
• Compact and lightweight

Note: Bottles Not Included

 RM 129

RM 6 untuk Semenanjung / + RM 10 untuk Sabah dan Sarawak postage by POS LAJU

  Jika anda berminat dan ingin mengetahui tentang produk ini dengan lebih lanjut, anda  boleh menghubungi Nurasha di No Hp: 012-5755237 atau email ke Nurasha266@hotmail.com Cash On Delivery untuk area Alor Setar, Jitra, dan Perlis sahaja.

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